Monday, February 23, 2009

the desert & the weekend

Well, plans may have changed.

From everything I understand of myself now, Brother will be recording the next record/EP in the Mojave Desert. A weekend trip with the good friends; tents and the night sky.

guitars & trumpets/tambourines & shakers/thrills & nudity/the desert & the weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new year

it's been twelve long months with girls and beer and war
we all fell in love with tattoos and San Francisco.
we kept waking up with more weight upon our shoulders
(we found out soon enough that's what it's like to get older)

it's been one great night! my brother kissed a girl.
we took photographs like it was the end of the world.
every one of us saw our faces in a stranger, cause every one of us was realistic of the future.

it's been too damn cold for a night in the golden city
but i stayed bundled up cause i knew i had it in me.
(and i gave up my coat cause i had thrills to keep me warm)
(and i gave up my ghost cause i knew i had been reborn)
and there were fireworks yes there were fireworks
(so loud)
and they were red and white cause it was midnight
(so loud)
and they were all around my friends were all around
(so loud)
it was another year i felt a little weird.

i'm not ready for a new year.
but i am running towards the new year.

Monday, February 9, 2009

west coast

i fall asleep on my back, half-consciously intact
but i'll sing all things must pass when i'm able
when i'm able

and i stumble in my fright and it's cancer on my mind
but if i'm peaceful when i die, get my good side
get my good side

R.C.E and I go out.
"Is this The Planets?" he shouts.
we are pure and we are loud on the west coast
on the west coast

we are howling through our sides
a brief history of time.
and bombastic weekend nights with my best friends

when i'm with my best friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

all our friends in different clothes

still hang out on the weekends. these night are very long
(and nothing ever was this easy)
we are trying to stay young.
like that time we went to uptown, cause you knew i'd drive you home.
and then we hung out all last summer
with all our friends in different clothes.

still riding our bikes like it was 2002
and i dont know who i am
and i told you i liked blonde hair
but not for all the love in the world.

now we're people watching people
with bigger hands and no reward
but still fucking around like it was 2002
and i dont know who i am

but we've got sweat on our foreheads
talk in the bedroom
long-lasting goodbyes in the cold
and we've got our hands in our pockets
eyes on the rebound
doubts with religion and ourselves.