Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hollywood and the Big Lights and the Brother Hipsters

So last night's show in LA featured a lot of witty banter, thanks. Maybe it's all the Walden I've been reading, but regardless. Although I think we realized last night that Brother certainly needs a bigger stage from here/on/out. As Paul Davies has taught us all, energy needs to move. Uncertainly. and Brother is energy. Deduction!

P.S. FACT (courtesy of the Al Gore's Internet) Hollywood has its own Chamber of Commerce, but is still a part of Los Angeles, CA. It is a district of LA.



jamie said...

witty banter from walden? huh. i'll have to read it then.

oh, hollywood.

Anonymous said...

David Hockney? Wouldn't you have to get the rights to use that picture? You wouldn't want to get sued by the Tate gallery or something.