Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lou reed is dead

i have prepared the eternal typewriter.
but in my fears, we will not look back as our houses burn to the ground
and we have rescued our children and our internet and our mortgage
but not our pens. and not our keys. and not our american flags.

rueful, i will step inside amongst fiery ruins of my 1988 citzenship which i have yet to revise.
rueful, i will sell all my records.
rueful, i will telephone lester bangs.

lou reed is dead.
mick jagger is not.
david bowie is married.
and conor oberst is not my saviour.
But The Flaming Lips have taken Acid, I think we will be OK.
(if this is good enough for god, then i am ok)
and i am cool.


Rob said...

Lou Reed recently got married to Laurie Anderson. Mick Jagger is Kanye West, yheard? David Bowie is so cold that he borrowed my overcoat. Conor Oberst just sent me a text telling me he's going to be a little late, that we should all rent a pair of bowling shoes for him, size 8, and he'll join us when he gets there. What we see is what we get is how I know we are real. Whatsoever you do for the least of The Flaming Lips, that you do with a smile. Jill Scott is golden.

Thank you.

jamie said...

tres intelligente. merci pour ton mots.